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needlesWhistle-blower, Dr. William Thompson, who works for the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has leaked information that reveals the research data, indicating safety of the MMR (Mumps Measles Rubella) vaccine, was manipulated to hide a causative connection to Autism. The data that was dropped from the study showed that African-American boys had a 300% higher risk for autism after receiving the MMR vaccine.

The connection has long been suspected in the natural health care community and by parents of children injured by this vaccine. Interestingly, the main stream media is ignoring this story. Perhaps their revenue stream from the drug companies is more important than the children that have been and will be damaged by this drug.

A Freedom of Information request for the raw data sets has been stonewalled. Perhaps the CDC plans to use the IRS tactic of destroying the computer hard drives to hide the evidence. In my opinion, this data manipulation is a criminal act and the perpetrators should be prosecuted. I would expect that the CDC fears their entire vaccination program will be suspect and the lies about the effectiveness of these drugs, and the billions of dollars the drug companies make from them, will come crashing down.

Below is a link to an interview with Dr. Brian Hooker. He reports about his conversation with Dr. Thompson and his knowledge of the fraud perpetrated by the CDC.

<DR. Hooker interview>

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3 responses to “CDC Cover-up of MMR Autism Link”

  1. Whistleblower William Thompson of the CDC reveals in this video, that Thimersol, the Mercury based adjuvant/preservative in vaccines, causes autism. Still no major media reporting of this story (OK, a tiny blurb on CNN doesn’t count). also here Watch it before it disappears!

  2. There is a video posted at the autism media channel/YouTube, and at Age of Autism: “William Thompson’s call to Congress.” It is a recording of a telephone call between CDC whistleblower Thompson and Brian Hooker, PhD. “CDC is…they’re paralyzed. The whole system is paralyzed right now.”

    “I have a boss who’s asking me to lie…if I’m forced to testify, I’m not gonna lie. I basically have stopped lying.”

    “Really, what we need is for Congress to come in and say, ‘Give us the data and we’re gonna have an independent contractor do it,’ and bring in the autism advocates [who understand the vaccine-autism connection] and have them intimately involved in the studies.” Thompson isn’t talking about one vaccine. The CDC “paralysis” refers to a stoppage of all honest research on the causal connection between all vaccines and autism.

    Thompson straight-out admits he has a boss at the CDC who wants him to lie and hide the connection between vaccines and autism. The scum of mainstream media are refusing to cover this story, and so they are accomplices to the crime.

    The Department of Justice, who surely know about Thompson, are refusing to investigate, arrest, and prosecute CDC bosses and researchers—and therefore, they, too, are accomplices to a great ongoing crime.

    The FDA, in charge of certifying all medicines as safe and effective, is another willing accomplice.

    And of course, the vaccine manufacturers are guilty of mayhem, destruction, and the poisoning of children.

    I surely hope this information spreads far and wide.

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