Hunching over phone puts 60lbs of pressure on the spine.

Do you spend hours hunched over your phone, checking texts, tweets and emails?

Do you also suffer from neck and back pain?

If so, the two may well be related.

New research has found that slumping to read a text or study a selfie can put undue pressure on the neck, leading to a sore back.

This is because bending the neck increases the pressure put on the spine.

Slumping over a phone adds extra pressure on the cervical spine- the part above the shoulders - researchers found. Bending the head to a 60 degree angle adds 60 lbs - or more than four stone- worth of pressure

Bending the head at a 60 degree angle to look at a phone screen puts 60 lbs – or 27kg – worth of pressure on the cervical spine, the part of the spine above the shoulders, the study found.

At more than four stone in weight, that is heavier than the average seven year old.

The extra pressure put on the neck leads to early wear and tear and the person may eventually need surgery, experts said.

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Dr. Richard R. Chaney, DC
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